Export Services By Shree Krishna Marble Group

For the last three decades, Shree Krishna Marble has provided the best quality marble, granite, and other natural stones and has become the first choice of architects and designers. Our Exported material is perfect for all types of projects around the world.
With our quality efforts, hard work, dedication, experience, and knowledge, we are exporting best-in-class natural stones around the globe.

Shree Krishna Marble is a well-known name in the International stone market and exports its stones to over 50 major countries. We export all types of stones in the form of slabs, shapes, and cut pieces which makes us the leading exporter of marble in India.

We understand our professional responsibilities very well and therefore keep ourselves in touch with our customers to provide them with what they need the most.

Along with that, we also provide you with guidance on natural stones so that you can plan your projects in a better way. We want to provide our clients with the best services and therefore work on special orders that involve various customizations.

Exclusive Marble & Stones By Shree Krishna Marble Group


Indian Marble is known for its hardness, durability, and beautiful look. Indian marble can be used for multiple applications and look good. It is more durable than Italian marble and therefore can be used for kitchen countertops as well. It is affordable, last long, and is good to go for almost all places. At Shree Krishna Marbles, we provide the finest quality of Rajasthan marble and export it too.


At Shree Krishna Marbles, we serve a variety of marbles without compromising quality. Granite has outstanding strength and can withstand almost anything. Granite is the hardest natural rock and is available in various colors at Shree Krishna Marbles. India is one of the biggest exporters of granite all around the world and Shree Krishna Marbles is the leading exporter of granite in India.


At Shree Krishna Marbles we also export different types of colorful stones that are 100% natural. We have a huge variety of quartz, sandstone, limestone, Kota stone, and many precious natural stones. We offer only quality natural stones at the best price possible.


Statuario is one of the world's finest Italian marble. Statuario marble is known for its amazing luster. It also looks great because of its grey veins over the white background. At Shree Krishna Marble, we provide and export the best quality Statuario marble.

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