Quarried from various parts of the globe such as Italy, Turkey, the United States and Greece, imported marble offers you a wide range of marble stones to choose from. Browse through the collections varying in quality, durability, texture, colour and design; and pick a stone that aligns to style and interior aesthetics.


Marble In Kishangarh

Types of Marble In Kishangarh

Two types of marble are available in Kishangarh or should say the two categories of marble are available as follows-

Top Applications of Marble in Kishangarh

Marbles available in the Kishangarh have many applications because almost every variety and color is there to help you out in building your dream project. Some applications are-

Shree Krishna Marble Group has a variety of marble but they have the facility to export marble from Kishangarh. They have customized options and colored veins as options in marbles. So, you can go for pink, grey, green and many more. We have the best quality of marble for all-purpose flooring, tiles, slabs, etc.

Being the leading supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of Indian Marble, granite, and other stones, We at Shree Krishna Marble Group provide our customers with quality material that can withstand the effect of time with ease and lasts for eternities. If quality is your preference, we assure you that you won't be disappointed by the services of Shree Krishna Marble.

By combining skills, innovations, and technology, we have made ourselves the industry leader that set a quality benchmark for others. Customer satisfaction is what matters most to us, and quality material is what we offer and are proud of. The quality and trust that we have earned over the years have made us the first choice of Architects and Interior & Exterior Designers.

Experience, knowledge, innovations, hard work, efforts, intentions of providing quality services, and the dream of becoming one stone destination for our customers are what have made us the best in business. Try Shree Krishna Marble Group and experience the excellence of providing services. Get in touch with us to continue with your dream project.


Here are some common questions that have been asked by people about Marble in Kishangarh :-

1. Where you can find the variety and quantity of marble in Rajasthan?

Kishangarh is one place where you can find a wide range of marbles of the best quality.

2. What are the factors on which the cost of marble stone depends?

Some factors can affect the cost of the marble stone available in the market that are-

  1. Demand & Supply
  2. Transportation cost
  3. Location of Quarry
  4. Thickness of slab
  5. Edge Design and Finishing
  6. Type of marble
  7. Color
  8. Specific Design

3. Can Italian marble be available in Kishangarh?

Yes. Italian marble is available in Kishangarh in several colors, quality, size, and quantity.

4. Is marble in Kishangarh good for home use?

Yes. Marble in Kishangarh is well-suited for home use because it is available for different places and purposes at home.

5. Why Marble flooring is considered better than any other flooring?

Marble flooring is a popular option in India and all around the world, and there are some obvious reasons behind that. Marble flooring is very durable and can withstand high traffic with ease. It can be used in Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Halls.

Unlike other popular options of flooring, marble flooring is moisture and stain-resistant. All marble types that are used for flooring are moisture and heat-resistant too and therefore can be used for making countertops and vanity tops.

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