Marble Stone

Marble stone, popularly known as marble, is a metamorphic rock, most commonly composed of Calcite and Dolomite, two recrystallized carbonate minerals. Since the past only, marble is among the favorite stones of homeowners and hoteliers. Hence, the market of marble stone has only accelerated and never looked back. 

In Kishangarh, one can find the largest range of premium quality marble, available in assorted colors, textures, patterns, and price ranges. From the kitchen countertop to table tops, flooring, wall paneling, sculptures, decorative pieces, etc., marble stone enjoys diverse applications.  

Connect with us if you’re looking for low-maintenance, high-durability, and budget-friendly, marble stone for your home, office, hotel, or any other space. Share your inquiries on the website, and we shall get back to you in no time.

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