Quarried from various parts of the globe such as Italy, Turkey, the United States and Greece, imported marble offers you a wide range of marble stones to choose from. Browse through the collections varying in quality, durability, texture, colour and design; and pick a stone that aligns to style and interior aesthetics.


Imported Marble In Rajasthan, India

Imported marble is the category that is imported from outside of the country. For example, if you belong to India then except for Indian marbles all other marbles are imported marbles. One of the most used imported marble in India is Italian marble because of its quality and shine it is very much in demand not only in India but also in other countries. Imported marble looks gorgeous in home decor because of its sleek finish and shine. Imported marble has a high luster and provides opulent touch to your home. Imported marble has a variety of marbles in terms of colors, quality, and other factors.

Types of Imported Marble We Provide

There are many varieties of imported marble but there some of them are as follows :-

  1. Statuario Marble- The mountain of Statuario Marble is situated in Italy above Carrara. It has less availability than deemed because of its rare quality, design, and scarcity. This marble has a unique white color with grey veins of medium size. This marble provides a great look and core aesthetics because it has sleek finishing and shine.
  2. California Golden Grey- As the name states, this imported marble has golden veins with beautiful natural grey and peach colors. This marble can provide you with a gorgeous look and a touch of sophistication in the interiors of a home. This marble is an exquisite stone that is very admirable to users because of its quality.
  3. Flamingo- This natural stone comes with a grey and pink background with river cuttings of golden and white colors. If you are looking for something stylish and classic then this marble is the right choice. This is because Flamingo marble can add glory to any place immediately.
  4. Dark Emperador- This dark brown color marble has web-designed golden streaks on it which is spectacular to see. If you are planning to give your home decor or hotel interiors a luxurious touch then this marble is top-notch. Dark Emperador imported marble is multi-purpose marble that can be used for various purposes at home, hotels, and workplaces.
  5. Golden Dream- If you listen to the name Golden Dream then automatically you think about beauty like dreams. This is why grey mosaic marble with golden streaks has a stunning appearance. To create an ambiance and adorn any place instantly this fabulous marble has its golden-grey hues charm.
  6. Equilibrium- This marble is most suitable for walls because of its red cutting through a black canyon. Also, it has a forest of white and golden streaks in the middle. The most attractive attribute of this marble is its fiery look and bold beauty.

Top Applications of Imported Marble

There are many applications of imported marble as listed below :-

  1. Flooring
  2. Tabletops/Countertops
  3. Kitchens
  4. Shelves
  5. Fireplace Mantle
  6. Living room Decor

Imported marble is available in the form of slabs and tiles both. The price is very affordable for all available marble varieties. The price of imported marble starts from 160 rupees per square foot and goes up to 500 rupees square feet.

Shree Krishna Marble Group has a variety of Imported marble and they have the facility to supply the marble from Kishangarh. They have customized options and colored veins as options in imported marbles. So, you can go for pink, grey, white, green and many more.

Being the leading supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of Indian Marble, granite, and other stones, We at Shree Krishna Marble Group provide our customers with quality material that can withstand the effect of time with ease and lasts for eternities. If quality is your preference, we assure you that you won't be disappointed by the services of Shree Krishna Marble.

By combining skills, innovations, and technology, we have made ourselves the industry leader that set a quality benchmark for others. Customer satisfaction matters most to us, and quality material is what we offer and are proud of. The quality and trust that we have earned over the years have made us the first choice of Architects and Interior & Exterior Designers.

Experience, knowledge, innovations, hard work, efforts, intentions of providing quality services, and the dream of becoming one stone destination for our customers are what have made us the best in business. Try Shree Krishna Marble Group and experience the excellence of providing services. Get in touch with us to continue with your dream project.


Here are some common questions that have been asked by people about Imported Marble:-

1. Is Italian marble Imported Marble?

Yes. Italian marble is a type of imported marble because it gets imported from Italy in India.

2. From where you can import marble and from where it can be found in India?

Apart from Italy the marble also can be imported from Turkey, Greece, Portugal, the USA, Egypt, etc. In India, imported marble can be found in Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and many other states of India.

3. What are the factors on which the cost of marble stone depends?

Some factors can affect the cost of the marble stone available in the market that are:-

  1. Demand & Supply
  2. Transportation cost
  3. Location of Quarry
  4. Thickness of slab
  5. Edge Design and Finishing
  6. Type of marble
  7. Color
  8. Specific Design

4. Is Imported marble good for flooring?

Yes. Imported marble is extremely good for flooring because it requires no extra maintenance and also it has a very smooth and shiny texture.

5. What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone at Home?

Natural stones are prime building materials and provide many benefits when used in construction work. Some popular benefits of using Natural stones are as follows:-

  1. Durable

    Many historic monuments of Greek and Egypt are made up of natural stones and they have withstood the effect of time. That proves how durable natural stones are

  2. Environment Friendly

    Natural Stones are 100% environment friendly and therefore perfect to be used in the construction of houses and buildings.

  3. Hygienic

    Natural Stones are perfect for those who are allergic to dust and weird smells and therefore a more hygienic option than anything else.

  4. Versatility and Design

    Natural stones are available in many colors, sizes, and patterns.

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