Morwad white marble is another type of marble and is very different from the rest of the marble. It has lots of blue and grey lines on its surface, which makes it different from other marbles. Like other types of marble, it is heat resistant and perfect for hot areas. Due to the rise in temperature in every part of the world, the demand for Morwad white marble is continuously increasing.
Morwad marble is perfect to be used in the kitchen, office, and living room and is perfect to be used as kitchen tops and countertops.


Top Applications Of Morwad White Marble

There are various applications of marble, and Morwad white marble is no different. Morwad marble can be used for many applications, and some of them are as follows:

  1. Mosaic:
    The pieces of Morwad white marble can be used as a mosaic for bathroom and wall decoration.
  2. Pool and Wall Cap:
    As Morwad marble is resistant to heat, it is perfect to be used as a cap for pools and walls.
  3. Wall Cladding:
    Morwad wall looks great and therefore, perfect to be used as a stone for wall cladding.
  4. Flooring:
    Like popular marble types, Morwad marble can be used for flooring.

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Here are some common questions that have been asked by people about Morwad White Marble:-

1. What is Morwad marble?

It is one of the finest quality marble that can make any place attractive. Morwad marble is perfect to be used for flooring, cladding, countertop, and many other uses.

2. Which pattern is Available available in Morwad marble?

There are many patterns available in Morwad marble as it is a stone. Patterns in these stones are natural and therefore look amazing. Sometimes, patterns are irregular, but that does not affect the aesthetic look of marble.

3. What's the life of Morwad marble?

The quality of marbles matters a lot. Where the shine of regular marble fades away after a few years, Morwad marble is of great quality and can last for 50 years.

4. What are the factors on which the cost of marble stone depends?

There are some factors that can affect the cost of the marble stone available in the market that are:-

  1. Demand & Supply
  2. Transportation cost
  3. Location of Quarry
  4. Thickness of slab
  5. Edge Design and Finishing
  6. Type of marble
  7. Color
  8. Specific Design

5. What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone at Home?

Natural stones are prime building materials and provide many benefits when used in construction work. Some popular benefits of using Natural stones are as follows:-

  1. Durable:
    Many historic monuments of Greek and Egypt are made up of natural stones, and they have clearly withstood the effect of time. That proves how durable natural stones are
  2. Environment Friendly:
    Natural Stones are 100% environment friendly and therefore perfect to be used in the construction of houses and buildings.
  3. Hygienic:
    Natural Stones are perfect for those who are allergic to dust and weird smells and therefore a more hygienic option than anything else.
  4. Versatility and Design:
    Natural stones are available in many colors, sizes, and patterns.
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